Online Internet Business – The Time Has Come

In recent years, there has been a boom in the online business industry. Famous retailers like Walmart have set up online shops for those who have no time to go to their stores. Entrepreneurs with niche products to offer have successfully used the internet as a platform for selling their wares. Along with these, the demand for e-services has also increased, a demand that a lot of internet businesses cater to.

With half the adult American population accessing the web via broadband in the comfort of their homes, it’s easy for aspiring businesspeople to earn money online. Surely, the time has come for you to invest in an online business.

Online Vs Brick and Mortar Businesses

Budding entrepreneurs set up their businesses online because it saves them money. First, they don’t have to worry about looking for places where they can rent or build on for physical stores. They don’t have to worry about furnishing, building maintenance and other woes related to having brick and mortar establishments. Instead, they can do business at home or wherever they want to, whether it’s inside or outside the US. In addition, their websites showcase their products and services to the whole of the globe, so their consumer market is very wide.

Also, nowadays, consumers want more control over their shopping. Through your online shop, they save time in terms of looking for what they want because they can go to your website anytime and look through all of your products and services there. Consumers love the convenience that online shopping gives them.

All sorts of products and services are sold in the internet. A huge cut of online consumer spending goes to electronic versions of books, CDs and DVDs. There’s also a big market for phone and computer applications out there. Once someone buys an e-book, he gets it in a matter of minutes so they are instantly gratified. You no longer have to ask your customers for shipping fees or pay for your product deliveries yourself. You just have to send your electronic products through a trusted platform and you’re good to go.

Online Businesses – Starter Tips

Putting up an online business not only saves you money on rent or construction. Because you can manage it all on your own with just a few clicks, you no longer need to train and hire employees, and worry about workers compensation. Instead, you can even just let your website be your tool for everything. Design it well, write good articles to put in it, and advertise it. All you’ll have to do is update and improve the site, communicate with your consumers, and send out product deliveries.

If you are an avid golf player and have a great golf swing, you can create a video tutorial you can sell online. You can also shoot video podcasts featuring you lecturing on a topic you majored in college. You can build an online business based not only on your areas of expertise but also on your passions.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, don’t wait any further. Look into what you can do and what you love to do. The time for you start your online business is now.

The Internet Is NOT The Way To Build Your Music Business

According to my research; 98% of band/artists/labels who have put music on YouTube cannot boast of £100 return on their investment.

But, there is another way…

I offer an innovative approach to the music business. Whilst some people have focused on the net as the primary vehicle to success, I focus on building classic business skills as the vehicle to success with the internet acting as one of the tools in your Music Business Tool Kit

Anyone who has witnessed the changes in the music industry can testify to the success of non-traditional business models. As a matter of fact the biggest, most successful distributor of music today, Apple, is not even a record label or distributor but is a system owner; a business system created through sound business knowledge.

The majority of music enthusiasts on the internet lack the necessary business skills for success. Many do not possess the basics skills or are unable to properly maintain the systems they do have in place thereby forfeiting the most expensive resource they possess – Time! So much time is wasted, spent on the web with little or no return.

I once asked someone who already had 4569 YouTube views on his single why he intended to follow the same strategy of simply placing his track on the site. I enquired as to whether he had collected the names and emails of those who had watched his video. His response was a blank face and the answer “No!” He was willing to go through the same experience with the same result. If his videos cost him £500 a time and the recording cost him £500 a track, I wonder how long he will remain in business if he keeps on giving away £1000 every 2 months with no return from his substantial investment.

Apple would never away an iPad or iPhone without gaining maximum publicity worth 100′s times the cost of the product. They understand how business works. 1000′s of bands/artists/labels have not gone through the “School of Business” to understand the thought process behind product giveaways and more often than not come away out of pocket and time poor!

In 2009, one of the most influential Independent Record Labels, XL Recording, who signed Adele, made approximately £17,241,874 in turnover. I bet you don’t get over £17million without being business savvy. Spotify, with its streaming and subscription service surely has business acumen. What about the Orchid, one of the foremost distributor and promoter of music? Are they business savvy? Recently a group of well-schooled businessmen formed My Major Label. Surely this is a wise venture.

Unless we have the understanding of how to make money and not be quick to spend, Cash flow, returns on investment, how my time = £££, how having a business plan that can ensure that your business has been well thought out, the ability to negotiate, understand time management, all of which provide proper balance to our creative abilities, you can really make headway with your music business… Hours on the internet will not produce the results you’re looking for.

You’ve developed yourself as an artist/producer/musician, etc, right? Developing business skills should now be your primary objective. Everything else, including the web with all its bells and whistles, comes next!